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5 Questions With VRose (Video): New Music, Gospel & Hip Hop Roots, Music Journey & More

We love highlighting artists of all genre styles as a way to help you discover new music and to help unite cultures and music genre styles. It can become easier to notice the differences in our cultural backgrounds when we don’t take time to look for what we also have in common. We recently caught up with singer/songwriter VRose at P4CM’s #Rhetoric poetry event where she spoke with us about about her Gospel roots, new album and more.

VRose reveals that her most inspirational singers are the ladies of the well known Gospel Trio “Virtue” and being vocally trained by well known Gospel singer Melinda Watts who was recently featured in Flame’s latest single “Silver and Gold”! This little known information makes a lot of sense when you hear VRose’s music which carries a mix of R&B, Soul & Pop music.

While #VRose was as strongly inspired by Gospel music, she also brings in a mix of other genres that she has been inspired by including soul, pop and hip hop. Like many artists who go this route by creating a new sound in Christian music, her musical choices have caused her to stand out in a new generation that welcomes and is often searching for new and diverse music styles.We salute VRose for not being afraid to step outside of the box and continuing to create a sound that represents all of where she comes from.

VRose recently took a turn in her career shifting from being under a label to riding solo as an independent artist. You can’t help but to hear a change in her sound and writing style with this latest album. She comes across being more transparent than ever in her lyrics with this release. It carries what feels like a new found freedom that likely comes from the growth she received from the varying life lessons she speaks about in her album.

In this full interview, #VRose spoke with us about her new album, gives us a peek into her musical journey, and more.

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Watch The Full Interview Here:

Stream The Album:


“Pretty Sad” – VRose (Featuring Wande)

“I Surrender” – VRose

“Like You Do” – Roy Tosh (Featuring VRose)

“Aint Worried” – 5ive (Featuring Datin & V. Rose)

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