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Amy Grant & Tori Kelly Team Up for a Remixed Classic!

Amy Grant’s 1991 hit single, “Baby Baby” just received a 25th Anniversary birthday present from Tori Kelly!  The two have teamed up to remix the classic song that was originally written for Amy Grant’s 6 week old (at the time) daughter Millie.

If you’re not familiar with Amy Grant, you might wonder why this song has gone on to be noted as a classic…

In 1991, this single made Grant the first Christian pop singer to have a number-one single in the United States.  The single reached the Top Ten in ten countries, in addition to reaching #11 in Switzerland, and reached #2 in the UK Singles Chart.  The music video made it to MTV, but only after it became too popular for them to ignore!  It went on to receive a nomination for Best Female Video at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards, but lost to Janet Jackson‘s “Love Will Never Do (Without You)“. …But, if you make it to the same category as Janet Jackson is it really a loss?

MTV still hasn’t forgotten about the impact of the single…They were one of the first to let the world know the classic was making a return with a modern dance-pop makeover!

Amy Grant and Tori Kelly have remade the 1991 hit #BabyBaby: — MTV (@MTV) April 29, 2016

Watch below as Amy and Tori talk about recording the revamp—along with Kelly’s anxiety covering such a classic song. (Spoiler alert: she nails it)

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