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Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Team Up for New “KIDZ” Video

Reach Records artist, Andy Mineo is back with the new banger, “KIDZ” which is a Mike Folabi-produced song featuring Wordsplayed.  Wordsplayed is signed to Andy’s new personal record label, Miner League.

The single dropped along with a fresh video that showcases both the skill and comedic side of each of the artists as they playfully go bar to bar as the duo Magic and Bird.  Andy brings his usual A-game through his lyrical content and presentation throughout the video.  Wordsplayed is becoming a new favorite of many as he consistently proves himself with his energetic presentation combined with humor, a clean lyrical flow and a strong vocal sound that sticks with you.

Directed by Kyle Dettman, the video takes place outside of the legendary Waffle House in a clean ride!  Andy and Wordsplayed give us a comedic sneak preview into the process of how they came up with the idea for the video below:


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