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Andy Mineo’s Releases “1988” single for his Birthday

Today, rapper, producer and frontman of Miner League, Andy Mineo celebrates his 30th birthday with the release of an appropriately named track “1988.”

In recent months Mineo has dropped a couple of unfinished, lyrically authentic tracks, not to mentioned the vulnerable “Honest to God” freestyle in 2017. Musically, Andy is taking a different approach with releases and showing his heart in an interesting way.

Last month Mineo shared the following via Instagram:

“I am inspired challenging myself to not just blend in with everything else that’s out, but to do something new… I’d rather give you my unique creativity and honesty, right where I am at that moment than to play the “hit game.” Thank u guys for giving me space to create inspired work…Going to roll out a bunch of new music soon. It will be pretty different from my stuff in the past. I’m also going to be releasing music in a few different forms. Hope you enjoy the journey.”

We’re excited for what’s to come from Andy.

Happy Birthday!

Listen to “1988” Here

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