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Angie Rose drops New Single, “Son Shine in the Rain”

The “Unstoppable” Angie Rose is back again with new music!

The music video was filmed in Puerto Rico— not only the place of her heritage, but where she’s given her heart, time and resources to help rebuild in recent months, along with her clothing line Unstoppable Threadz.

This time she’s wanting to communicate something deeper. The song’s concept is explained below.

“Angie Rose and Unstoppable Threadz take a flight out to Puerto Rico and shoot this visual masterpiece! An artistic expression of emotion that takes the power of the lyrics into the soul. During a tumultuous time in Angies life, she took the pen to the pad and wrote with the intent of soothing her soul, and the hopes of soothing yours. This is a beautiful reminder that in the midst of pain there is still beauty, in the midst of weakness there is still strength, and both are found in the arms of a savior willing to love us past the dirt because he knows the roses. We are a family and we are UNSTOPPABLE!!!”

Watch “Son Shine in the Rain” Here

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