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ArtSoul Radio Reviews CW Allen’s The Dream Baby Part II

The Cleveland, Ohio native that has relocated to Chicago, Illinois has put out a new EP that is a continuation of “The Dream Baby” series. In the first Dream Baby EP, we had a chance to learn about CW’s perspective of the Christian HipHop Community, his love for God, and also his continued abundant love for his wife. CW has never shied away from giving his fans a taste of his personal life and inner thoughts. This is exactly what he delivers once again in “The Dream Baby Part II.

Recently CW and his wife got news that they were having a baby girl and just like any other great artist CW, decided to cherish the moment with a song called Everything. This is a song that you will enjoy because CW gets very intimate with us on his thoughts of having a baby girl and not a baby boy.

Another heavy hitting song on CW’s latest EP is Bad Dreams. In Bad Dreams we get an opportunity to walk with CW as he navigates dealing with the loss of a close family member. The music video illustrates what took place and how his younger cousin passed away so suddenly.

Watch Bad Dreams Music Video Here :

Need More Dream Baby Part II?

You can stream and listen to the complete project on all major digital music platforms. If this review has inspired you to take a listen to CW’s latest work leave us a comment below so we can hear about your experience.

So much death in my view I don’t know where to start. I just take it all in but really it tars me apart.

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