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ArtSoul Radio Teams Up w/ the “UMatter Winter Drive” in Chicago!

ArtSoul Radio has teamed up with the One Heart One Soul Coalition for their annual UMatter Winter Drive in Chicago.  Other partners include PotBelly, Santa Hustle Race Series, Cover Them With Love, Portage Grounds Blue 1647 and more!

The 1Heart1Soul Coalition (Mireya Trejo-Fouche) has successfully served over 1,000 people and partnered with over 30 organizations within the Chicagoland area through their annual UMatter Winter Drive since 2010.  They have also founded programs such as Unspoken Words (providing a voice for homeless youth through the arts) and Second Chance Styling.  We are honored to join in on their efforts this year as we each seek to give back to those in need in the Chicagoland area.  We’re also looking forward to future collaborations with this organization!

If you would like to join in on this year’s UMatter Winter Drive, email us at and include “UMatter Winter Drive” in the subject title.


1000 veterans are homeless on any given night in Chicago.  Over 2000 youth are in need of finding a safe place to sleep on any given night in Chicago.  Among the adults experiencing homelessness, 1/3 are victims of domestic violence.


  1. Donate towards the purchase of items for this drive – Give online directly at

  2. Sign up to join us as we help sort and distribute items on December 17th.  Click here to sign up!

  3. Drop off items to any of the drop off box locations listed below


Learn more about the 1Heart1Soul Coalition here:

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