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ArtSoul Spotlight: Destiny Music Group

Our main job at ArtSoul Radio is to find new music just for you!  Today, we have a new music group to introduce to you:

Destiny Music Group is comprised of producers, musicians, writers, and vocalists who together, use their abilities to create music that is as transformative as it is timeless, and as God – centered as it is groovy.  They have been featured on the Poets In Autumn Tour and have shared the stage with artists such as Jonathan McReynolds, Tasha Page Lockhart, Donnie McCurklin, Naomi Raine, Papa San and more.

Like most of the music we present on ArtSoul Radio, this Brooklyn NYC-based team takes an unconventional approach to Christian music, inspired by the melting pot found in their own backyards.  With an unlikely fusion of pop, rock, soul, and gospel sounds, and lyrics sharing the love of Christ, DMG is poised to impact Christian music and culture that speaks for a ‘now’ generation.

Their goal is simple; to create iconic music with a message that encourages listeners to embrace the individuality found in life in relationship with Christ.

DMG’s coming release, “Culture Shock” is scheduled to release June 16th.

Follow them on social media: Facebook | YouTube

See Full Track Listing and Album Cover Below:

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