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ArtSoul Spotlight VIDEO PREMIERE: Ft. Leland Philpot

Hailing from Chicago, Leland Philpot is a new independent hip hop artist who brings the true sound of his city to his music!  While he is new to the Chicago rap scene, he is no where near a novice.  In addition to being a lyricist, he is also a producer as well as an engineer.  With 11 years in to building on his craft, Leland has already opened for Dee-1, Da’Truth, Jonathan McReynolds and more.

Chicago has a history of birthing passionate and talented conscious rappers.  Leland is one we think you should know!  Whether he’s speaking about violence in Chicago, faith and more, he never holds back on his message or waters it down.  He never falls short of informing or inspiring while telling a story through clever word play.  His most recent single, “Where’s Jack” is proof.  On the track Leland begins with a sharp observation, “Their message is diluted…” and proceeds to take you on a journey – a stream of consciousness that makes the listener think.  Common’s lyricism over Madlib-ian soundscaping mixed with an urgent delivery makes “Where’s Jack?” something hip-hopper and rap-lovers alike can appreciate.  Check out the video below to see what we mean, and comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Leland’s single is dedicated to the memory of his aunt who was murdered in Chicago on April 1, 1990.

Official Music Video:

Leland is very intentional and passionate about his lyrics.  After speaking with him, he made it very clear that never wants his lyrics to get lost in the beat.  So in case you missed something, click here for a closer look at his lyrics.  Scroll down for a free download and to hear another one of our acapella favorites from this artist.

Free Download:

(Click the image above to download)

Hear More:  “Levitate” (Acapella/One Take) #Bars

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