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Beleaf and Wife, Yvette Ask “How Married Are You?”

Glen Henry, better known as Beleaf during his time as one third of the hip hop group Dream Junkies and most recently on his popular YouTube channel Beleaf in Fatherhood, along with wife Yvette Henry decided to jump into the podcast arena.

According to Beleaf, the idea of the podcast came from Yvette and started as a way for the two to spend more time together.  Listeners will be pleased the idea came to fruition as the parents of the chocolate babies are bringing content that is impactful, original and wildly entertaining.

If you’re like me and you subscribe to the Beleaf in Fathe

The importance of community was a big part of the second episode (see snippets from their conversation in the video below) Beleaf expressed how the “tribe” Yvette brought to the table of their marriage was and is still vital to their family.

Their interaction keeps you engaged and whether you’re married or single and thinking about or even interested in marriage, “How Married Are You?” is definitely worth your time.

Listen and subscribe here.

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