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Brandy Confirms New Music & Relationship w/ Sir The Baptist

This week, media outlets have been rushing to share news of Brandy teaming up with Sir The Baptist on new music!  Brandy seems to have also officially confirmed her relationship with the Chicago artist.  Click on the right of the image below to swipe left to see the photos that have everyone talking:

#PureGold @sirthebaptist thank you for taking me with you around #NYC yesterday. The city looks brighter through your eyes. #Also , your music has truly changed my life….can’t wait for everyone to feel your truth… May 12, Yay!!! #SaintSinner #SirTheBaptist #Bible #LifeChanger #DeliverMe

A post shared by b r ?n d Y (@4everbrandy) on May 11, 2017 at 7:44am PDT

Many of the photos these two have been posting in the last few days has left everyone wondering, who is Sir The Baptist?  Naming himself “The Chaplin of Hip Hop”, Sir The Baptist’s previous releases include the single “Wake Up” which exposes some of the challenges Chicago and the African American community as a whole face on a daily basis.

If you’re new to his music, check out his older single, “Wake Up” below:

Growing up a preacher’s kid, Sir The Baptist’s music has often been known to carry a church theme along with a sound that blends Gospel and hip-hop.  He also has a strong background in jazz and soul which can also be heard in his music.

In 2015, Sir The Baptist was quoted by the Chicago Tribune saying the following about why he keeps a church theme within his music:

“It has a church theme because I’m a church boy…  People don’t know what’s is like to be a church kid, so I’ll be giving folks a peek. There’s no messing around,” he said. “All of these records deal with that kind of stuff, but in order for somebody to talk about it, you have to be OK with being a preacher’s kid, which I am.”

Although his music had not officially been given the title of “Gospel/Christian” music, his 2016 single, “Raise Hell” gave him the title of Bronzville’s Bad Boy of Gospel in the Chicago Defender.  However, in a recent interview, Sir The Baptist cleared up the confusion when he told Essence that he does not consider himself to be a Christian artist.  While his music seems to have recently taken a turn from officially being labeled as Gospel/Christian music, he has continued to collaborate with a blend of artists from various genres on his latest album Saints & Sinners, including Brandy, Jay Z, Donald Lawerence, Michelle Williams, Keke Wyatt, Ray J, Killer Mike, Jordan Mitchell, and The Deacons.

In his new self-produced single, “Deliver Me” Sir The Baptist teams up with Brandy to share a true story inspired by his sister’s experience of suffering physical abuse at the hands of the church deacon who was also her husband.

Listen To “Deliver Me” (Full Single)

While some are wondering if the relationship hints being shared by Brandy and Sir The Baptist on social media are all just apart of a marketing ploy, his brother recently made this statement about the photo below on Instagram:

“So it seems that this picture has sparked a flame on the internet! @sirthebaptist is MY brother and it’s MY job to protect not just who he is but what he represents.  He is dating @4everbrandy and so I as a brother have to protect her as I do him. Welcome to the family #branthebaptist#BrandyTheBaptist. May you both be not just and inspiration to EACHOTHER, but a ?to the world!”

Whether the news of their relationship is a rumor or an absolute confirmation, Brandy is clearly enjoying herself traveling and creating new music with him:

Straight off the #HeavenCopter with #HIM @sirthebaptist

A post shared by b r ?n d Y (@4everbrandy) on May 10, 2017 at 9:19pm PDT

Note: While this artist may have taken a turn from being affiliated with Christian music with this album, we plan to revisit his work during a coming discussion on the purpose of music, the evolution of an artist, and the shifting of culture and how music shapes it.  We will include your comments and invite you into that conversation on-air during our “Off The Record” radio show soon.  

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