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Brea Miles steps back into music with new single “All God”

Brea Miles keeps things authentic in her music and her journey as a Christian. Facing multiple challenges in her life like taking a hiatus from music to care for her mother, Brea offers a soundtrack to her revelation that “pain brings pressure, but it also births elevation.”

Virginia born- Carolinas raised hip-hop artist returns to her passion for music with a summer release calledAll God,”  affirming listeners that God to get to where we’re all trying to go in life. She shared more of her story on social media.

“God is forever faithful we have to learn to trust Him through the process. He always has our backs!”

“I make music that’s tailored to serve,” shares Brea, who not only performs at Gospel events and big stages, but also at military bases including Ft. Lee as part of her military roots and interest in military ministry. We love how Brea uses her growing platform to point her fans and peers alike to the source, God. She keeps things energetic and motivating as she shares testimonies and behind the scenes peeks at her musical journey.

Her last musical project was her album True Since 91 which debuted in late 2015. With a variety of energetic beats, Brea hosts an impressive lineup of featured artists including Chris Blemont, Canon, MC Jin, Sean Terrell, Jazz Digga, Sharp Skillz and Beleaf. She even had an all female artist single “RTQ” (Return of the Queens) featuring Mahogany Jones, Angie Rose, Heesun Lee, and Mia Hunt:

In an Instagram post, Brea shares the making behind making “All God” which dropped in June:

Do you have an #AllGodStory? Share it and connect with Brea Miles on Instagram, Twitter and be sure to check out more of her music!

Listen to “All God” Here

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