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“Brother 3” is all About Familyhood

Chicago rapper Brother 3 is back with a new single titled “Familhood.”  The song was released as an initiative to raise money for Familyhood Ministries which Brother 3, real name Milton Taylor, is affiliated.  The mission of Familyhood Ministries is to restore hope in families and renew hurting communities by embracing and embodying God’s design for the family.

The new single is relatable on all levels.  No matter how conservative or crazy your family is, there is much to identify with within the lyrics of the song.

“Shout out to all the drunk uncles/who ruined all the family functions they come to,” raps Brother 3.  “I want people to be like, “Yooooo! Uncle so and so always mess up family functions!”  We may be mad at them for that moment, but we loved him.  It’s the bond of family that I really want to see us get back to.  Family stems from the first institutions God created which was marriage.  So family is on the heart of the Lord.  Think about it, a lot of things we’re seeing now such as educational failures, mental health issues, incarceration, and teen pregnancy all stems from the broken home.  My prayer is that we embrace God’s design for family in the way that He intended it to be.  Only then will we begin to see change happen…first in our homes, then in our communities and abroad.”

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