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Byron Juane Releases Hopeful Soul

“Sometimes you just need a good love song!” Have these ever been your words? If so, @byronjuane is a new answer to your request! Byron is a soulful singer/songwriter who sings about love. He sings about love from all angles. He sings when it’s beautiful and when things don’t work out. He even sings about love during the times when the butterflies in our stomach speak louder than our words ever could. Byron also sings a lot about healing and hope.

When asked about what inspired his recent album, Byron responded with a common explanation: “[It was] a recent heartbreak I encountered,” says Bryon. “I was talking to a girl I really liked but she was so afraid to give me a chance just because of her past hurt; despite the fact that she knew I would care for her heart. This experience lead me to create the single “Play Too Nice”.”  Check out this single along with the full album below and let us know your thoughts. Can you relate to his story?

A Letter From Byron Juane:

A letter to you 💛// Listen to this before you play the project. See you at midnight 🌤 — Byron Juane (@ByronJuane) May 31, 2019

Listen To The Full Album Here:

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