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Few artists have proven as versatile as Cellus Hamilton. Not only is he a self-proclaimed Bible nerd, but he often has quoted “I’m really not that good. All I do is steal verses from the Bible”. Well, today he released a surprise new song called Psalm 55 and he did just that. Psalm 55 is a fierce upbeat trap song inspired by King David’s corresponding psalm. It is a song about betrayal and the deep wounds and emotion that comes with having your enemy become your friend. The song features production by Will Jeffery.

Psalm 55 arrives right on the heels of a previous surprise release by Cellus Hamilton & Navelle Hice. The duo released a song called “Dignity” along with a homestyle music video created during Covid-19’s shelter in place. We have no way of knowing when Cellus Hamilton will be releasing new music but we are definitely excited about what is happening. Make sure you stream “Psalm 55” on all platforms.

If you’re curious to learn more about the writings that inspired this song, read it here.


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