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Chantae Cann Talks New Music, Purpose and Coming Documentary!

Chantae is not a novice to the music world.  She has been blessed to travel the world as a background vocalist for the likes of Leon Timbo, Darlene McCoy, P.J. Morton, Gramps Morgan, and Grammy Award winning artist India Arie.  Catering to a diverse audience in both Christian and secular arenas, she has also had the honor of collaborating with artists and bands such as, Jaspects, The Foreign Exchange, Zo!, Mike Hicks, Sho Baraka, Natalie Lauren, Khari Cabral Simmons and most recently Snarky Puppy and Jonathan McReynolds.  Chantae’s music blends the exploratory sounds of JAZZ with the feel good vibes of SOUL which makes for a smooth and eclectic sound that is not easily forgotten.  

Chantae believes in the healing power of music.  She further believes that there is a unique purpose intended for every soul of creation, and hopes that her music awakens purpose, destiny, and truth to all who listen.  It is her heart’s desire is to simply inspire, uplift and encourage the lives of others through music.

In her words:

“I sing because I LOVE to. I sing because God has entrusted me with a gift purposed to CHANGE the WORLD one melody at time. I sing to HELP. I sing to HEAL. I sing to COMFORT.  I sing to LIBERATE. I sing to APPRECIATE.  I sing to MOTIVATE.  I sing to EXPRESS. I sing to ENCOURAGE. I sing to INSPIRE.  I sing because honestly I CAN’T STOP …Don’t want to either ;-)”

On March 11th, Chantae released her full solo project titled “Journey To Golden” –  Watch below as Chantae Cann speaks candidly about her new music, her musical journey, purpose, her family’s challenges with Huntington’s disease and how that journey inspired the #URBraveCampaign!

Watch below for footage of the full interview via Facebook Live:

Click below to learn more about Chantae’s coming documentary featuring her story:

New to Chantae Cann’s work?  No problem – We’ve got you!  We have included two playlists below for you to get familiar with her music style and body of work! Click here to listen to her new release, “Journey To Golden”

“I sing because I LOVE to. I sing because God has entrusted me with a gift purposed to CHANGE the WORLD one melody at time. – Chantae Cann

Sample just a few of the many collaborations that Chantae Cann has completed that were done with some of your favorite artists seen and heard on ArtSoul Radio and more below!

[Jazz/Soul]Free Your Dreams with Chantae Cann (Ft. Snarky Puppy)

[Jazz/Soul]  “Da Da N Da” by Chantae Cann (Ft. Snarky Puppy)

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