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Check Out These 5 Artists Who Have YouTube Channels

Not only are they artists but each have a growing YouTube presence.

1. Beleaf Melanin

Beleaf in Fatherhood

The family vlog chronicles the family dynamic of Beleaf, his wife Yvette, and three children Theo, Uriah and Anaya. The channel has grown to nearly 60,000 subscribers. This channel is packed with family fun, laughs and lessons. Check out the latest episode below.

2. V. Rose


The singer does weekly vlogs that follow her while touring, traveling, performing at events. You can also find diy projects and style videos. In her latest video below, watch V. Rose customizes her clothes.

3. Bizzle

God Over Money

The rapper has started a series called  “3-Minute Drill with Bizzle,” much like a short devotional to encourage believers in their faith. Watch the latest installment below.

4.  Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace

You can find all kinds of videos from Jamie discussing various topics from life, friendship, dating and more. She has also done videos with her grandma and sister, Morgan Harper Nichols. Her latest string of videos have covered details of her upcoming album 91.

5. HillaryJane


It was recently on her YouTube channel that HillaryJane announced that she is recording new music. She vlogs  her life as an artist and when she goes on tour. You can also find a host of topic related videos from life, relationships, advice, faith and culture.

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