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Chicago filmmaker Sanicole’s new film “Training Wheels”

Sandrel Young, who goes by ‘Sanicole’ is a Chicago-based independent filmmaker working on the final phase of her short-film “Training Wheels.”

“Training Wheels” is the story of a rather unique young girl named Amari who uses her telepathic abilities to bring her wayward father, Roy, home. It’s a film about  love, forgiveness, trust, family and the importance of the daddy-daughter relationships.

The film is inspired by the relationship dynamic between Sanicole and her dad when she was a child.

“Learning how to ride a bike was the strongest connection I remember having with my dad. It was the first time he taught me how to be in control of my own independence,” Sanicole said.

Watch the “Training Wheels” Trailer Here

She hopes to inspire audiences to pursue “unconditional love when confronted with hardships caused by a wayward parent or loved one.” As an adult, Sanicole has developed a willingness and interest in understanding her father’s  point of view.

Sanicole has created a number of independent short films. Her 2016 film “Side Effects is currently featured on Amazon Prime and Xfinity. Her web series “The City Hates Us” can be found on her YouTube channel.

Sanicole is currently fundraising for the post-production and release costs for the “Training Wheels.” More detailed information and to donate, visit her Indigogo campaign page here.

Watch Sanicole discuss the inspiration for “Training Wheels”

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