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Christon Gray Appears on Sway In The Morning – (Video Interview)

Christon Gray recently made an appearance on “Sway In The Morning” and talked about his Faith, Christian-Groupies, Marriage Challenges, Racial Injustice + 5 Fingers of Death. 

Christon speaks honestly about his faith, temptation, his personal mistakes and the realities of tour life as an artist.

To add a bonus to the interview, he includes a freestyle and live performance!

Sway gives Christon credit for being an artist who isn’t afraid to talk about his faith, life and positivity…

“… This Christon Gray is somebody who is doing just as well…if not better than most of the rappers you hear in mainstream genres… The content of his music sticks to your ribs.  You can listen to his music with your kids and your grandparents all at once!  …and he’s no sucka when it comes to being an emcee…” – Sway Calloway

Watch the full video interview below:

Originally apart of the Collision Records family, Singer/Songwriter and Hip Hop artist, Christon is now signed under Kirk Franklin’s For Yo Soul Record Label where he has recently released his 1st project entitled, “The Glory Album” with that label. (This is his 3rd album overall.)

Christon’s newest single, ‘Stop Me’ was recently used in a commercial for HBO’s ‘Ballers’

Watch the full video for “Stop Me” below:

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