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Christon Gray gets personal in Live Q&A with fans + new music

Artist Christon Gray recently released new a new single, “Together Forever.” He followed up the release with a live Instagram broadcast to have a transparent Q&A session with fans about his musical journey and personal life.

“It’s been good to be back and release music,” Christon recalls on the process of working with Kirk Franklin and putting out the music with Fo Yo Soul Recordings, which he went back to in November 2017.

Fans of the singer/rapper for some time have known that Gray was previously married and is a father, so when the song and cover art premiered, naturally there were questions and comments. Gray’s latest single cover art features a photo of his fiancé, Shana Peterson.

“The song was written late 2016, right before I left RCA. I put lyrics to a track that I had for a while…It was a perfect way to introduce myself again to new people and bring fans up to date.”

He held nothing back in his live video session with fans. He encouraged fans to ask questions with “No softball questions allowed.” He dedicated over an hour to fans to take their questions and gave his responses on several topics including:

On transparency in his music:

“I put everything I had into it for a while, it was my means of expressing myself to myself…I’m not leery of being transparent, but probably more so now leery of being ambiguous. This song and upcoming album is proof of that—it’s very literal or beating around the bush. I hope that this point in my life there’s less to hide; I’m taking the mask off and showing people more of who I am. I feel like believers and non believers of Jesus need to see that more from us.”

On what we can expect from his new album:

Clear the Heir is about me dismissing any notion of going backwards in life. Further more it’s me clearing the air and it’s also me accepting my position as being the leader of where Jesus music is supposed to be at. It talks a lot about relationships, things I’ve learned, ups and downs, but in a very concise, overarching, rich fashion. It puts you right in the center of a lot of emotions and points you right back to Jesus.” Gray also shared that there will be some rap, with more of what we’ve come to know Christon as for his singing styles. Fans can anticipate some new sounds on the album for a unique blend of Gospel and Hip Hop.

On how to avoid the fall in a relationship and walk with God:

“Listen to the Holy Spirit. The Bible is not just a rule book, we’re trying to catch up to it, not it catching up to us. If we trust God, He will give us the desire of our hearts and we won’t be able to fall; that’s in relationships, career, faith.”

On advice for someone who is recently divorced:

“I would say don’t feel pressured to have answers. It’s going to take time to understand the trauma you’ve experienced—because divorce is still traumatic. It takes a lot of time for that trauma to settle. I still feel that shock from time to time…Use this time to get to know God better. If you’ve never experienced a true, rich relationship with Jesus, this is the time…He has felt the anguish that you feel, and He will provide relief if you let Him, otherwise you will find yourself coping in ways that are not authentic to yourself and damaging to yourself and other people.”

“I’m not perfect; I’m striving for perfection and I hope this growth is encouraging people in their lives to do the same.”

There was so much more that he discussed with fans, and we appreciate his candidness. To listen to the full Christon Gray Q&A session, click here.

Christon Gray’s upcoming album, Clear the Heir debuts October 19.

Listen to “Together Forever” Here

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