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Coffee Hip Hop & Mental Health, ArtSoul Radio & FGAI Presents “Church Hurts” (

Coffee Hip Hop & Mental Health recently teamed up with ArtSoul Radio and FGAI Cafe to present a special feature of “CHHMH” talks highlighting the topic of “Church Hurts”. The panel was comprised of Apostle Ron Wilson of FGAI, Pastor Phil of “Da House Church & The Fire House Arts Center, Michelle Aikens (Author and Life Coach) and Tiffany Everrett (Founder of Soul City Therapy).

While Coffee Hip Hop & Mental Health events typically focus on a variety of different topics, this specific event had a focus on the topic of “Church Hurts”. This discussion is not had often enough inside of church circles, so CHHMH plans to slowly unpack this discussion over multiple events. On October 19th, the team tackled this particular topic by first focusing on church leadership. The panel was comprised of Pastors, Christian Therapists and Life Coaches. Their honest approach to this conversation set the tone for the night making it easy for the audience to get very involved during the Q&A session. As with previous CHHMH events, the panel unpacked the problem and discussed solutions that would counter the stigma that church leadership can often have with therapy and mental health. Therapists were on hand for anyone in need of immediate assistance.

If you were unable to attend this first event, watch the full live stream below and stay connected for news on the next event. Sign up here if you’re interested in receiving details about the next event:

Watch The Full Live Stream Below:

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