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Colbert & Insecure’s Yvonne Orji Discuss the Holy Spirit on Late Night TV

HBO Insecure actress Yvonne Orji recently appeared on Colbert’s late night TV show where she shares how she got her start in comedy.  Surprising to Colbert and other fans, Yvonne’s studies began in medicine – not entertainment.  Coming from a family of Nigerian immigrants, her family was set on her becoming a doctor. Yvonne originally chose to walk in the pathway that her parents chose for her until she took a chemistry class that quickly changed her mind. Not long after, she “heard the Holy Spirit (the voice of God)” speak to her.

Yvonne tells Colbert how her career went from getting her masters in Public Health, to entering the Miss Nigeria in American pageant.  Then, she says God intervened and told her to do comedy.

“I heard the Holy Spirit loud as day say, do comedy. I was like…no” says Yvonne.

Colbert replies, “Wait, the Holy Spirit, the dove came to you and said do comedy? Was it an actual voice? I like hearing that because I’m Christian as well…”

Colbert and Yvonne go on to discuss more about her experience of hearing from God. Colbert continues to show more interest in the topic as they both explore comedic moments in the Bible.  Colbert also questions Yvonne about how she and her Christian family balance her racy character in Insecure with her real life.  This interview has zero low moments as they each keep the conversation very real with each question!

Watch the full interview above.

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