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CONCERT REVIEW: “The Two Story Project” Concert Series

Hip-Hop artist Donney Wright and contemporary worship artist Lauren Lee have come together to form the Two Story Project.  Though the project isn’t an actual “project”…yet, what the duo have created is something unique and spectacular.  The Two Story Project, according to Lauren Lee, is about “two different artists, from two different backgrounds, who love Jesus, sharing the story of Jesus.”  Lee and Wright have taken this show on the road throughout Wisconsin, with special guest Jasmine Sims, and were most recently in the Chicagoland area where I had the privilege of being in attendance.

The evening was set in motion with a dynamic piece from spoken word/hip-hop artist Just Steve who hit the stage with the worship collective, Atmosphere of Heaven (also known as A.O.H.).  AOH got everyone ready for an awesome night by leading the crowd in worship and setting a great atmosphere for what was about to take place.

Spoken word artist Jasmine Sims took the stage next and wowed the audience with a few different pieces.  Her creativity, delivery, and poise on the mic was incredible to watch.  “A faith that isn’t tested isn’t proven” she reminded us on “Don’t Waste Your Life;” which was her last piece of the evening.  Being the only poet on a tour with musicians can be challenging for some, but according to Jasmine its fine for her.  “Opening the night and setting the tone can be nerve racking, but I enjoy it” said Sims.  And set the tone she did.

Next up was Lauren Lee, backed by a talented three-piece band that was just as much a part of the show as the artists in front of them.  The band helped Lauren deliver a beautiful merger of worship and rock that was like nothing I’ve ever seen or heard before.  Lauren’s voice was powerful, yet she made it seem effortless.  As the night went on she continued to showcase her versatility song after song and her performance was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

The introduction of Donney Wright into the show on “The Great Exchange” was both smooth and surprising.  The transitions throughout the entire evening were flawless and well planned and made the show flow perfectly.  Donney came out to close the show and brought a great deal of energy and fun to the stage.

Many rappers think going out on stage and rapping over their instrumentals are enough to satisfy a crowd, but audiences want to see effort and creativity and that’s what Donney brought.   With a dance break in between sets and playing familiar songs for the crowd to sing along to, he made sure spectators were engaged.  But, he could also rap!  With messages that spanned making music for the love of it to sex trafficking and self-image, Donney gave us unforgettable lines like “the truth don’t need a hook.”


Shout Out to the leaders and youth at “Consumed Ministries” of Christian Life Center in Tinley Park, IL for hosting this event! They did an amazing job!  If your ministry is interested in hosting this tour or another similar event, contact us at to see what artists and tours are available to be booked in your area.

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