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Corey Bapes Releases Single “Money Can’t Buy”

ArtSoul Radio recently caught up with Corey Bapes about his latest single, “Money Can’t Buy.” This New Orleans native who now residences in Indianapolis put his heart and soul into this new release. You’ll feel the passion and energy this artist possesses from the moment you hit play to the very end.

Corey spoke to us about the story behind this powerful song: “This song is to encourage people to see that money, name branded clothing, and exotic fast cars are not the answer to everything. God is the only true source for our happiness.”

In continued conversation with Corey Bapes, he opened up and shared his testimony. In his testimony we were able to hear how God has really transformed his life and also transformed his music. Pursing his music career as a young adult, he saw early success. This success was not with music that he is necessarily proud about now. However, a part of his story is to be a living testament to how God can use any of us to bring glory to his name.

“Money Can’t Buy” is now available on all digital music platforms. We hope you are inspired by his testimony and that you take some time to listen to this new release.

Highlighted Lyrics : “I found my wife the word said that I found a good thang, she gave me a baby and that didn’t cost me a thang.”

Listen To “Money Can’t Buy”

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