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CW Allen Gets Transparent With New Self-Titled Album Release!

Cleveland repping rapper CW Allen is back with new music!  His self-titled project, “CW Allen,” was released on Friday, October 6th.  In the midst of traveling as a full-time artist, CW put together this latest body of work with the hope that it would give listeners a better view of who he was.  Taking a new approach at giving his fans the opportunity to get to know him better prior to the album release, he started a new Vlog Channel on YouTube where he takes his fans with him behind the scenes on his tour stops to Poland and more.  He also released commentary series where he explains the heart and process behind each song on his coming album.  By the time the new project was released, his fans were ready for it!


The Album:

Right off the bat with the first track, “Dream Baby,” CW takes us through his journey as an artist.  He speaks about how he started rapping at the lunchroom table in high school, up to more recent years where explains selling only 9 copies of one of his previous albums.  The brutal honesty of the hardships an independent artist has is refreshing and also inspiring as CW continues to dream.

There are many high points on this album including “The Team,” “Soft Flex,” “Vent,” and the previously released “Heroes Never Die.”  CW is joined by Chicago rapper Brother 3 on the track “Villain” and it’s always a pleasure to hear a new verse from him.

The “CW Allen” album and his Vlog Channel which highlights the full album creation process is definitely worth a listen!  These combined efforts offer those familiar with CW more of what they love about him and for those that aren’t familiar it’s the perfect introduction to him and his music.

As mentioned in his album, CW has been pushing through the good and the challenges of being an independent artist for a while… But, it’s clear from his words and passion that he doesn’t have any plans of slowing down!  It has all made him stronger and wiser.  Now, through his partnership with ATC, he has recently transitioned to doing music full time where he travels sharing the wisdom he has learned through his life journey so far with others.

Check out the album today and watch the video below to learn how you can contribute towards his new fulltime ministry efforts:

Follow CW Allen on social media outlets via @thecwallen. Click Here to Subscribe to His YouTube Channel


Purchase the album on iTunes today!

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