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CW ALLEN “Heroes Never Die” EP Review

Review by Vince Porter: @vopga

As a fan of music, nothing gives me more pleasure than watching one of my favorite artists grow. I know all too well how tough it can be to stay motivated in the music industry, let alone continue to mature in your craft. One of the projects I have been looking forward to listening to all year was CW Allen’s EP Heroes Never Die which was released earlier this month on November 11th, 2016. If you are not familiar with the Cleveland native, I suggest you do your Googles. 


I’ve followed CW’s music career for a while and I’ve mostly enjoyed the projects he’s previously released. 2013’s EP Playing My Part was satisfactory and his last album, We On, released in 2015 was solid. Heroes Never Die, however, displays a more developed CW Allen. With 10 years as an artist under his belt, it is clear that he has found his lane and his sound. 

The new release from CW offers motivation for listeners to be heroes for the ultimate hero, Jesus Christ. The title track is heavily drum driven, but complimented well with strings that really standout and when the hook comes in there is this great blending of pop and hip-hop sounds. The urgency with which CW raps is captivating and keeps your attention throughout the song. My favorite song on the 5 track EP though has to be Vent. This song is a dedication to CW’s father who recently passed away.  As you listen to him rap about how he wish he had more time with him, you can’t help but get emotional. I love that he opted to sing the chorus himself rather than bring in someone to feature on this song because it gives it a more personal feel. 

CW is one of those artists you root for, not just because he makes good music, but more importantly his heart is in the right place. The passion and desire he has for his craft pales in comparison to his concern for others. Though originally from Cleveland, which he will not let you forget as he’s an avid Cavs fan, he currently resides in Chicago with his wife, Jacqueline Allen. When CW is not writing or performing his music, he is mentoring and providing leadership to the high school students of the South Side through Young Life and Sunshine Gospel Ministries.

Heroes Never Die is currently available on all digital outlets.

Listen Below:  (Support this artist by purchasing on iTunes)

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