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Damon Wayans is back at ABC with new Sitcom “Let’s Stay Together”

Damon Wayans is returning to the TV screen with a new ABC project. ABC is the same station he partnered with for the hit TV show My Wife and Kids. Damon is also teaming up with a familiar mind in Don Reo, whom was the co-creator of My Wife and Kids.

According to sources, Let’s Stay Together is being pitched as a family comedy for a new kind of family. It will star Wayans as a single father who finds out it’s hard to get rid of millennial kids, and their kids. The sitcom reportedly features a storyline that mirrors Wayans’ own life.

In 2018, it was rumored that Hollywood would not book any of the Wayans brothers for new films due to what they called “audience exhaustion”. It seems that they dominated in so often with their zany comedy that audiences supposedly weren’t showing up in the same way that they once did. Despite that pushback, Daman and his siblings have consistently showed us that it’s better to pivot than to quit.

Damon is proving that theory one more time as he is now planning to go back on the road, planning to return to the stand-up comedy stage this fall as his pilot percolates. Long considered one of the pre-eminent stage comics, Wayans for a while thought that his edgy stand-up humor might not be welcome at this PC moment. But seeing how Dave Chappelle turned that notion on its ear with his recent Netflix special changed Wayans’ mind.

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