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Datin Gets Transparent About His Divorce in New Music Video

Hip Hop artist Datin just released a new visual for his single “Hell In The Hallway” where he gets very transparent about his divorce. Relationships are rewarding, but can also very challenging at times.  Datin had the following advice to share with both divorced and married couples:

“To the divorced, clinge to Christ and He WILL walk with you through this “Hell In The Hallway”. To the married & separated, fight for your marriage at all cost so you don’t end up here. When a covenant is broken and 2 that were made one separate, it literally feels like death.” – Datin

There is restoration after divorce, but the process can be painful.  In this single, Datin shows how he dealt with the pain. He shares advice of how to cope while avoiding dangerous coping methods that can lead to more damage.  Watch the video below and listen closely as he shares his story.

VIDEO: “Hell In The Hallway”

Datin’s full album “Hell in The Hallway” is scheduled to release on September 28th. He recently gave a statement that explains more of what people can expect from his coming release:

“I’ve shared things on this album that I would normally be hesitant to share with close friends in conversation but I had to bare it all cause I know it will encourage others that are going through the same pain that I was dealing with. This is the most transparent that I have EVER been in my music, EVER! I put my heart & soul into writing this album and I feel like it is my best work to date. I pray it is well received and that my trial will be a blessing to many.” – Datin 

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