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David Crowder Releases New Video In Honor of Good Friday

In honor of Good Friday, David Crowder released a new video of him singing his latest single, “Forgiven” at Passion 2017.

With poetic lyrics strong enough to leave an imprint on our hearts, Crowder reminds us (in case we ever feel we have a reason to doubt it) that we have something major to be thankful for today and every day… God’s Forgiveness.

Song Excerpt:  “All the weight of all our evil, lifted away forever free, who could believe, who could believe?” 

Watch The Full Video Below:

David Crowder’s single, Forgiven can be found on his most recent album release, “American Prodigal”.  Crowder is currently on tour promoting this album.  His next tour dates begin in May.  See a full list of cities and dates for this tour here.


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