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Delagraentiss focuses on the distractions we face in prayer on “iPray”

The summer season never disappoints with new music.   An artist contributing to the season’s playlist is Delagraentiss with a short yet sweet sneak peek to her coming single “iPray.”

“Ain’t enough time in the day, I say Got a lot of bills to be paid… Got a lot of things to do, don’t really have enough time for you, And this is all running through my head when I pray…”

ArtSoul got the inspiration behind the track, told by Delagraentiss herself:

“I started writing this song some time ago. I was up one night trying to go to sleep and I started praying.  Since I’m a self-diagnosed insomniac, my mind was still in full swing going through all the thoughts a day brings.  I woke up one morning and tried to get a good prayer in and go through my bible reading plans, but continued to get calls/texts/notifications that threatened to take precedence.  I started thinking about all the times that had happened to me or my friends…and the song was born from there.”


I get distracted when iPray… wrote a song about it. Full song on YouTube. @anthonypowelljr ?? Me ??‍? ?? iMovie ? #Singer #Songwriter #Guitar #Breedlove #iPray #Pray #Prayer #Christian #contemporarychristianmusic #Gospel #contemporarygospel #Folk #ChristianFolk #Chicago #Bronzeville #houston #blackculture #Mural #Mosaic #iphonevideography #delagraentiss #youngchristians #francescas

A post shared by Delagraentiss|DEL-uh-GRAN-tis| (@delagraentiss) on Jun 20, 2017 at 9:11am PDT

What are some of the biggest distractions you face when you pray?  The Houston native covers events of the day, bills and finances, and more can come across our minds when we pray. Before we know it we’ve lost train of thought, gone back to social media, or answered that phone call without getting to an “Amen.”

“I get distracted when I pray, and I know I’m not the only one. I feel it’s important to be honest about our struggles within the Christian walk because many feel they’re alone on their journey. On the flip side there are others that think they have ‘this Christianity thing’ under wraps and don’t even recognize how disconnected they may be due to simple everyday distractions,” Delagraentiss said.

I agree and have faced distractions in prayer myself.  We can take for granted this important communication with God.  Prayer gets attacked because it’s important to the Kingdom of God, so let’s be honest, shake off any condemnation, and be intentional about tuning into God without ceasing.

If you like what you have heard from Delagraentiss through this single, be on the look out for her upcoming project “Mosaic” where she continues to explore the “themes of identity, growth, brokenness and the healing that comes from God’s love”.

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