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Derek Minor Releases “Decisions” Short Film

Derek Minor has been on another level with his visuals as of late. The Reflection Music Group leader is back with another powerful video that is all too familiar for many in the ghettos throughout America.  His latest video for his single “Decisions” is creative, impactful and gut wrenching all at the same time.  It’s one thing to listen to this record and hear the story, but to visually see it means something else.

“Often times in our media-driven culture we boil complex situations down to a headline, we want clear-cut lines that are easily digestible for our perspective platforms,” Derek said. “When I wrote ‘Decisions’ I wanted to show how messy life really is. I wanted to capture how one decision can change everything. Unfortunately, for a song like ‘Decisions, there is plenty of content to draw inspiration from.”

Much less a music video, the “Decisions” visual is a thoughtful short film. See it for yourself below.

Watch “Decisions” Here

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