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Disney Artist Uses Facebook Live to Send Powerful Message: “Stop The Killing”

Concept artist, Nikkolas Smith (who currently works as an Imagineer at Disney) recently released a video highlighting his latest design which he is using to send a powerful message that resonates with both the #BlackLivesMatter and #BlueLiveMatter- “Stop The Killing” –

Watch below: (Hover over the bottom right-hand corner of image for sound)

I Died A Week Ago… There’s Nothing Left… It’s Caught On Video… The Very Last Breath. ‪#‎StopKilling‬.

[Included music+lyrics by: SOHN “The Wheel”]

Nikkolas gave us a few statements below explaining why he created this recent illustration:

ASR: What was in your mind when you created this?

Nikkolas:  My heart was heavy and I was furious after the Philando Castile murder. I had already told myself I wasn’t going to have time to create any Alton Sterling tribute art, which people had been asking me to do, but the second murder in two days was the breaking point. I spent late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning creating this piece as a cease and desist demand to anyone unjustly killing black lives. The latest video highlights the dichotomy of Black Lives Matter vs Blue Lives Matter, and brings emphasis to the fact that we’re all human and we all deserve to live.

ASR: What was the date? Was this for personal use or commissioned and if so, where did it run and when?

Nikkolas:  Wednesday, July 6th / Thursday, July 7th : Created for personal/public use

ASR: What kind of effect does it have on you to create an image like this?

Nikkolas:  Because this type of tragedy/tribute art is part of my calling as an activist/artist, there’s a bittersweet sense of reluctant sadness and gratifying accomplishment. My goal of sparking thought and action through art was realized, but it comes at a tragically high price.


Nickkolas Smith is a concept artist and Imagineer who currently works for Walt Disney.  His work has been featured on CNN, Buzzfeed, Pixar, TIME, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, CBS News, Deviant Art, Fast Company, The Guardian and many more.  Learn more about Nikkolas and view his work at www.NIKK.Rocks  “Like” his new facebook page here.


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