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EVENT NEWS: Join Leon Timbo & Friends On Palm Sunday

EVENT NEWS: Leon Timbo is teaming up with worship leaders Harmony LaBeff, Isaiah Freeman, Torri Rogers and more for a night of worship on this coming Palm Sunday.  This event will take place at 6pm (CST) at Living Water Church in Bollingbrook, IL.  Don’t miss it!

LOCATION: Living Water Church (Bollingbrook, IL) TIME: 6pm CST COST: FREE


While others wonder how to categorize the spiritual, folksy, soulful, blues-laden, R&B-spiked, Motown-influenced delivery of Leon Timbo, this Jacksonville, Florida native, has been keeping pretty busy!  His expressive style has managed to sing his way into the hearts of industry favorites such as Quincy Jones, R. Kelly, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, and more. Leon’s big break came in 2008 while performing at Bishop T. D. Jake’s The Potter’s House.  Immediately after his rousing set, he was approached by Grammy-nominated R&B singer-songwriter Tyrese Gibson who was floored by Timbo’s performance and determined to help others learn about his music.  Timbo recalls that night as being the beginning of a friendship and brotherhood that changed the trajectory of his career.  Leon has released ___ albums and continues to make more new music.

Leon sings songs about life that people can relate to.  He sings about his passions, his life lessons, his desires, his prayers and about God.  The following statement about Timbo’s music can be found on his website:

Artistically, Leon Timbo is passionate about what love is and what love is not. He stands poised to be the voice without reservation that expresses accurately the difference between the two. “I feel like the emptiness in musical expression stems from us being afraid to be transparent to not be perfect, to not do it right, to not just say ‘I’m sorry,’ but to actually be transparent enough to say why. Without that, I think we’re missing a huge piece of what our music is. Being that that’s who I am, I feel like I’m special – and that my message is special – for this moment.” – Leon Timbo

Few artists carry the level of honesty and transparency that can be found in Timbo’s music.  Once you hear him live, it’s hard not to leave feeling a new found connection with him as a writer and storyteller of life.  You’ll leave inspired, you’ll learn new lessons, and you will have done it all while taking in some of the best ear candy that there is around!


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