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Event Recap: The Home Team Tour

If you haven’t caught KB and Trip Lee’s Home Team Tour, you’re missing out!  Featuring Joseph Solomon and Ty Brasel, this tour has been making waves nation wide!  We recently had the opportunity to catch the Chicagoland area stop of this tour and it was lit!  Hosted by Highpoint Church in Naperville, IL, their entire team delivered exactly what we expected and more!  

Backed by a large LED screen that spans the across the full size of the stage and lights, the concert kicked off with Joseph Solomon delivering new original songs along with well known worship songs that captivated the crowd as they joined their voices with him in worship.  Joseph delivered a unique and personable set that included him creating a full song in real time using a loop machine in front of the audience.  If you have ever seen an artist do this, you have probably walked away with an even greater respect for the artist using this trick.  The melody, harmonies, and all added instrumentals are laid track by track in front of the audience in real time!  It’s like room is being turned into the artist’s personal recording studio and the audience is getting a VIP exclusive peek inside of the artists process of song writing.  This is what Joseph did for the audience that night.  He invited them in to his personal space and delivered!  

Following that performance, KB picked up the pace!  His set was hype, but it also included moments of him slowing down to speak heart felt words of encouragement.  He also took time to expound on the inspiration behind the songs he performed.  KB was backed by powerful visuals on the the LED screen that spanned the entire width of the stage along with lights that brought the set aesthetics together.  KB owned the stage leaving no part it untouched!  His energy was contagious and the audience didn’t have a problem catching on.  They were ready for him the moment the first track started before he even entered the stage.  KB was accompanied by his drummer and DJ.  He gave them both a moment to show their skills with solo moments during the set.  It was clear that KB chose the best of the best to join him on stage!  It was hard to take your eyes off of any of them as they each killed their craft while still keeping it a very harmonious collaboration.  The energy never died down! 

With the energy still on a high, it created the perfect atmosphere for a transition.  This is where Tripp Lee made his entrance.  The audience showed they were hard core fans by consistently singing/rapping his lyrics along with him word for word.  Trip kept the energy high until he brought it down just a few notches to sang an acoustic version of his single “All Falls Down” where he shares his story of dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  This was one of the most captivating moments in his set.

Accompanied by a dope soul singer, they both sat down on stools with the lights turned down low including a spotlight that highlighted them both.  The audience was captivated by his story!  There’s something about watching an artist like Trip take over the stage with high energy, confidence and excellence presence, then hearing him speak about dealing with a disease that effects his energy levels.  It’s hard to believe until you hear his story… The crowd hung on every word he spoke taking the story in.  Directly following that song, Trip brought the energy back up again as he shared more classics along with more recent releases.  He didn’t disappoint!

The venue was packed from the front to the back taking up two floors of worshippers and hard core fans!  Typical of most of the events we cover, the audience was diverse in both age and ethnic backgrounds.  We spoke to several attendees who traveled from other nearby states to make the event.  Some flew in from NYC after missing the tour stop in their area.  Others came from closer cities like Michigan, Ohio and more.

The Home Team Tour was great!  The entire show flowed well bringing a nice blend of worship and hip hop which is everything this crowd came expecting and more.  If you haven’t made it to this tour, get your tickets and show up ready for great night!

Click here to view more photos from that night including the VIP session and full concert.  Scroll down to watch a few teasers from that night.  Comment below to let us know your thoughts.

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