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Getting Familiar with “Loso”

Loso was recently featured at Elevation church performing his take on a Chance The Rapper track, and as usual, he killed it.  This clip is only pushing our anticipation for the August 18th release of his newest album, “Before I Commit” to a higher level!  Watch the full video below to see what we mean:

Unfamiliar with Loso?  No problem.  If this is your first time coming across this emcee, we’ll get you caught up!  Well known for being a Christian battle from Tampa, Florida, Loso currently has 9 battles cataloged which total 790,927 views. Loso started rapping for the sole purpose of effectively reaching teens in juvenile detention centers in his hometown, and years later the mission is still the same.

Although Loso’s platform has grown and changed in recent years his gift is still used to glorify God and reach those who do not know him.  Carrying a seminary degree, Loso has a clear understanding that impressing the culture isn’t enough, he must also impact it.  His talent has taken him all over the country and overseas, opening up for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop.  God’s gift to Loso, whether it be rap performance, spoken word poetry, or battle rapping, has truly been a blessing, not only to Loso but also those he comes in contact with.

Loso takes an unorthodox approach in CHH by frequenting the battle rap scene.  This is an approach that not everyone agrees with, but we can’t deny that he is shining a light in a scene that likely would not otherwise hear his message.

Also, in true spirit of battle rap, the fight isn’t usually as real as the respect artists gain for each after the “battle” is over.  In true good sportsmanship fashion, you’ll often see the artists hug and/or complement their competitions flow at the end.  While this isn’t always the case, taking that chance is something Loso isn’t afraid of.  “Conversations are being had…and people are inquiring about what this God is all about”, Loso commented to Ryan of Trackstarz.

“Conversations are being had…and people are inquiring about what this God is all about”, Loso commented to Ryan of Trackstarz.

Loso recently released a video of him battling battle rapper Jimz.  Scroll below to watch.  In a recent interview, his comments proved to those who might be new to battle rap that behind the scenes, the battle doesn’t always look the way it seems when you’re watching the final product.  In this recent battle with Jimz, they both prayed before the event.  The negative comments that are given back and forth are also often not based on real facts… the battle game is usually all about flossing your flow and gaining respect.  Loso steps in with the addition of an intentional message.

“You can be in a room with people who hate Jesus, but love your content, and love you.  So, when I’m up there, obviously I’m entertaining… and they’re just intrigued by the battler.  …and I’m something different in front of their eyes.  So they’re typically gravitating (to the presentation) and wondering who is this guy?” – Loso

At the end of the day, in true spirit of the 1 Corinthians verse “becoming all things to all men that I might win some”, Loso finds a unique way to get the gospel message exposed to people in a very unique environment.  While Loso agrees that the environment is dark and not the most healthy, he emphasizes that he has a good community of believers around him who constantly hold him accountable and keep his focus and purpose on track while entering these arenas.

(The following contains material which may be offensive to some viewers or inappropriate for viewing by children and young people. Viewer discretion is advised. The content of this program is solely the responsibility of King of The Dot and in no way reflects the views of any partners or sponsors.)

Loso Battles Jimz in Toronto’s KOTD Rap Battle

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