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Hector Dominguez: “I’m just trying to push Chicago and Jesus”

Misunderstood rapper Hector Dominguez can be considered a veteran on the Chicago Christian Hip-hop (CHH) scene by all definitions.

He’s experienced the grind of an independent artist for years, being signed to a label for a brief period before parting ways and seeing rappers come and go. Though Hector hasn’t garnered the attention or notoriety as many of your favorite artists, he has a million stories to tell.

ArtSoul Radio recently caught up with the Chicago native:

ArtSoulRadio: Tell us about the meaning of La Cultura and how did the band come together?

Hector Dominguez: La Cultura was just something that many Latin American / Caribbean American children were taught growing up as 2nd and 3rd generation people of color in America. We were taught from an early age to embrace the change of America but to never lose our culture. Our language. Our dress. Our pride. Our food. Our music etc. We are living in a time now where Donald Trump has demonized everything that makes my culture beautiful so I knew I had to say something.  The band is something that Marcos (drummer/rapper) and I have always

ASR: What are your plans for the band going forward?

HD: We just want to perform as much as possible. We want to show that we are a diverse group of musicians who just so happen to be people of color and we want to showcase that Spanish music derives from African roots. Our hope is to use our band to promote, heal and create discussion between black and brown people. There’s so much culture between us. So much love. So much history but sadly through media and lack of maturity from both sides we’ve created a war between both camps. We want to kill that and just enjoy each other.

ASR: What gave you the idea for the Windy City Saints playlist?

HD: I would say that I have had a good career within the city of Chicago. I have been blessed to have real relationships with, open for, collab with, do graphics for and shoot videos with a lot of artists with bigger platforms. God has just been good to me in this area. I don’t deserve any of it. I know many artists who are better than me in every aspect but for some reason they don’t get the looks I feel they should get for reasons that have nothing to do with skill or talent. I grew real bitter about it and responded in anger so after repenting I decided since many ignore us that I would just create a playlist to push everyone in the city regardless of money, position or politics. I’m just trying to push Chicago and Jesus.

ASR: Will you do more playlists going forward?

HD: Not sure. One thing at a time. I’m new to Spotify and still trying to figure it out.

HD: I’m trying to finish this La Cultura EP and I’m trying to drop it sometime this year. Then I am working with an amazing producer, singer, songwriter named D. Lylez to drop a 90’s mixtape sometime this year also. After those two things drop I think I’m gonna transition from a rapper to a consultant/media design person. I have a business called Michael Nicole Creatives which has been creating art and content for artists all over Chicago and across the country so I feel like that may be the move.

Keep up with Hector via social media

Business- @michaelnicolecreatives

Band- @lacltra

Artist- @imtherealhector

Be sure to follow the Windy City Saints playlist on Spotify here.

Watch “It’s Them Not Us” Here

Listen to Windy City Saints Spotify playlist Here

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