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Hector Dominguez pays tribute to Big Pun in new track for Hispanic Heritage Month

Chicago artist, Hector Dominguez is all about representing his city, culture and the Lord. His recent music has consistently reflected that.

His latest single “Still” sonically celebrates his culture but lyrically is dedicated to his wife.

“I created the song in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. I wanted to honor and pay homage to the greatest Hispanic rapper to ever walk the earth, Big Pun! I wanted to do a live rendition cover of his biggest radio hit [“Still Not A Player”] to close out our Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign.”

Hector partnered with ArtSoul Radio in honoring hispanic/latin artists by curating our Hispanic Heritage Month playlist, and creating the graphics. Check out the full playlist below.

Listen to “Still…” Here

Listen to ArtSoul Radio’s Hispanic Heritage Month playlist

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