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Hector Dominguez proclaims, “Not Immigrant, not illegal, human”

With discrimination, prejudice and bias toward the Latin community in America being so prevalent, Hector Dominguez boldly continues to be a voice for his community.

As he’s done on past releases, like his “La Cultura” music video, the Chicago rapper is promoting unity and love in the midst of hate on his newest single entitled “Human.”

The song tackles the idea that we should have a heart towards our brothers and sisters who may not have been legally born here in the United States. The current climate of our country shouts that we should look pass their person-hood and focus on their label.

With lyrics like, the heart of man is evil and that’s where the root lays, bottom of the food chain except for taco Tuesday, Hector makes the poignant argument that America loves to embrace the Latin culture, but not it’s people.

“Human” is emotional, masterfully executed and will hopefully spark much needed conversation.

Listen to “Human” below and be sure to follow Hector Dominguez @imtherealhector.

Listen to “Human” Here

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