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Heesun Lee Continues to Break Stereotypes

Being an independent rapper is hard enough, but being a female rapper juggling a family on top of pursuing a music career seems impossible, unless you’re Heesun Lee.

The Korean born, New York-bred emcee is taking fans on a journey through her daily life via her latest project-the #MommyRapper Vlog. Viewers get to follow HeeSun as she takes you through everything that comes with being a #MommyRapper; changing diapers, the many attempts to write or record while holding a child, helping with homework, traveling to perform, sometimes solo and sometimes with two kids and all the baggage that comes with it, literally.

According to Heesun, “mothers can definitely relate to the hardships of raising children, all while trying to keep their own ‘identity’, and artists can relate to the personal sacrifices they have to make in order to find success in their careers.”

There are currently five episodes on her YouTube channel and I’m excited for the next one. Watching Heesun balance motherhood and life as an artist seeing the joy, frustrations, and all of the other emotions that come with it are inspiring.  Although her 5-year-old thinks her shows are “boring!” I’m sure Heesun is providing a great deal of motivation for other mommy dreamers.

Watch Episode 4 of “#MommyRapper” Here

Follow HeeSun Lee and be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel.

Instagram: @msheesunlee FB: @heesunleemusic Twitter: @heesunlee | YouTube: heesunleemusic

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