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Hilgy Wants To Have An Honest Convo

Indie hip-hop artist Hilgy announced his new project entitled Hones Convos will be released on Friday, May 25.

Hilgy’s style is unorthodox, creative and very original. He’s carved out his own lane that is one-part humorous and one-part brutal honesty. Hilgy is comfortable being who God made him and doesn’t make music to fit in.

To say that the rapper hailing from the suburbs of Chicago has been through a great deal in his life would be an understatement. Hilgy has faced drug addiction and depression and so many other obstacles which have all found its way into his music and gives his sound an unparalleled authenticity.

Music fans should be excited to hear what he has to say and what Honest Convos he’ll bring to the table on next month.

Preorder Honest Convos here.

Watch Honest Convos  Promo Here

Watch “blessings” Here

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