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Hillsong United Records Surprise Project! Pre-Order “Of Dirt and Grace”

In the words of DJ Khaled… “AND ANTOTHA ONE” – That’s right!!  Hillsong United has dropped a new surprise project on us!  The Hillsong Church family seems to be one of the few that can release a new project every month, but we’re glad about it! Ok…we’re exaggerating – they may not release a new project each month, but they do release something new often enough to keep our collection of worship music fresh and full!  Thanks Hillsong!

Their latest project, “Of Dirt and Grace” is scheduled to release July 15th.  Until then, visit iTunes to pre-order today.  We have posted their first single from the project, “Prince of Peace” below along with the promo for the album release.  Prince of Peace is an acoustic version of a previously released song w/ a few changes along with new lead vocals.  With everything currently happening in our world, we think this is a very timely song to resurrect.

Check it out and leave a comment to tell us what you think!

NEW SINGLE:  “Prince of Peace”

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