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Hillsong United’s New Visual for Single “Whole Heart” Is Like A Prayer for Austral

Hillsong United recently dropped their latest visual for their single “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)”.  The video was recorded live at Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference in Sydney, Australia. This is the perfect song for much of Australia as they are still in recovery mode in many areas and still dealing with new fires, deaths and more in other areas.

Bushfires have burned millions of acres across Australia in recent weeks, killing an estimated 1 billion animals and more than 20 people. The entire country is asking and praying for help during this time.

If you have never travelled to Australia, it could be easy to forget its size. Being almost 3 million square miles (which is roughly the size of the U.S. mainland), a large portion of the country has not been affected by the fires and most tourism businesses are still open. While that is good news for the areas not effected by the fires, many have been moved by compassion to give back to those who are currently being effected. Even Hollywood is getting involved.

Elton John and other artists and actors/actresses with ties to the country have been giving money to help fix the massive destruction that has been caused in the areas effected. John himself recently stated, “the plight of the animals and lost of their habitat” was “on a biblical scale and heartbreaking”.

Fire fighters were recently welcomed in Sydney Australia with applause! A well deserved welcome for the brave men and women who are helping to save the areas effected by these devastating fires. Our prayers are with everyone effected by this tragedy. During times like this, it’s encouraging to have artists like Hillsong United consistently releasing music that continues to inspire and bring hope in the midst of dark times. Scroll down to hear the full latest album from Hillsong United.


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