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Hip Hop Artist Cannon Gets Baptized In The Jordan River

Hip Hop artist Cannon recently released footage of himself being baptized in the Jordan river in Israel. Surrounded by a host of other artists from the #CHH (Christian Hip Hop) and urban gospel music community such as Derek Minor, Lecrae, Propaganda, Thisl, Byron Juane and many more. After releasing the footage on instagram, he shared thoughts on the moment…

“This moment was REAL. I finally felt the absolute freedom to walk in the calling in which God has called ME to. Not what other people think my calling is, but what I KNOW my calling is and who it is actually for. I realized, I’m not called to minister to the average Christian or the typical church. That’s not me. And that’s perfectly fine. I don’t even feel home or comfortable in 95% of churches anyway lol God has called me to those outside of those walls and for once I don’t feel I owe anyone any form of explanation to do so when I do so 🙌🏾 We all have different ministries. I’m free y’all! I’m free to be me. I’m free to let go. I’m free to not have to worry about what others think of me, I’m free to walk in my own calling of servanthood as a husband, friend, brother, uncle, musician etc. I’m free to not even care to eat at the majority’s table but to live freely building my own. For freedom was why he set me free and I’m gonna walk In that! If you decide, you can walk along side with me if you’d like, but from here on out my direction is not determined by the majority’s acceptance or perceptions. My prayer is that I’m only lead by God’s voice in where I am to go and who I am to go for. The pressure is finally off!”  – Cannon

Cannon’s Instagram Post

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A post shared by Canon (@getthecanon) on Sep 19, 2019 at 7:29am PDT


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I’m annoying…but my friends love me. Tag someone who’s missing out on this trip!

A post shared by Canon (@getthecanon) on Sep 16, 2019 at 5:28pm PDT

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