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Hip Hop Artist Ruslan Lists Top Things You Need To Do Now to Be a Successful Artist:

Picture this…

You’re an artist.  But, you have no idea where to start.

How do I get my music heard? How will I know if people like my work? How important is performance?  I always get nervous in crowds, but I’m great in the studio… How do I grow my social media following?

Hip Hop artist, Ruslan answers these questions and shares a few ideas to get you started!  He also reminds every artist that “hard work will win over talent any day” …so, don’t skip this video!  Watch it all the way through and take notes.  Then, join our email list for more industry advice that we’ll be sending your way!

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Click here to learn more about Ruslan and to hear his latest album, Americana.


Stay connected with Ruslan on social media: www.instagram/RuslanKD

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