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How Isaac Wheadon Intersects spoken word with worship and EDM

Isaac Wheadon is on a mission to motivate and empower people to live genuine lives through his music.

The Polish-Chicagoan has a slew of talents as a spoken word artist, DJ, drummer, writer and producer. His best talent, however, is bringing these gifts together and creating music that we’ve never heard before.

Isaac is heavily influenced by EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and the way he takes that influence and mixes worshipful sounds is nothing less than beautiful. On top of that, he offers soulful, poignant lyrics that honors and points people to the saving power of God.  

That is exactly what he’s done on his latest project, The Way. His unorthodox and rhythmic beats along with powerful spoken word lyrics are sure to linger in the minds of listeners.

Not many artists can pull off a spoken word album, but Isaac does and he does it well.

Be sure to follow Isaac on Instagram @iamisaacwheadon to keep up with new music.

Listen to The Way  Here

Watch “My Love” Here

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