How To Hear Praise 365 Radio

Praise 365 Radio is now available through iHeartradio and can be accessed on several devices and platforms worldwide! Scroll on below to find out just some of the ways you can connect with your favorite music, radio and personalities on Praise 365 Radio.


Whether you're Team iPhone or Team Android, the iHeartRadio app is a multi-faceted app that plays both sides. In fact, you can get closer to some of your favorite artists on plenty of mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, Andoid, iPad, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Phone and many more. Just make sure you search the iHeartRadio app in your online store and you'll have the best streaming radio app to-date. All you have to do once downloaded is search 'Praise 365' & save as a favorite!


iHeartRadio is also available to you from the convenience of your very own home and the capability that the app has with some of your favorite devices, including the Mac, Amazon Echo, Apple TV, is impressive in itself. Downloading the free iHeartRadio app on your new devices also allows you the function of asking Alexa and Google for your favorite stations. Make sure you say this: "Alexa, play Praise 365 Radio" to listen.


What happens when you hop in your car? Well, iHeartRadio is also available via automotive devices. Whether you have your iPhone or Android device on you or you depend on services like Apple CarPlay, iHeartRadio goes where you go and that includes on the road travel. Among some of the cars you can connect iHeartRadio to include BMW, Buick, Caddilac, Chevrolet, just to name a few.

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