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Is There a Disconnect Between Christian Hip Hop & The Black Church?

DJ Wadeo recently sat down with Dr. Eric Mason at the Just Gospel Conference in Atlanta to speak about race relations in the church and the disconnect between the black church and Christian hip hop.

Dr. Eric Mason is a Pastor, Book Author, traveling speaker and the founder of Thriving, which is an urban resource organization committed to developing leaders for ministry in the urban context.  He shares a few of his experiences within the church that highlight the challenges that he still sees the church struggling with in regards to race relations. That conversation leads to a longer conversation about the disconnection between the black church and Christian rap, theology, and the transitions that he has seen in CHH over the last 23 years.

Dr. Mason shares a few great relevant questions during their talk… Has Christian hip hop alienated itself from the black church? Is the relationship between the black church and Christian hip hop getting better?  He also shares what he believes are a few of the major mistakes made by the majority of Christian hip hop artists and what they can do now to continue to renew their relationship with the black church and expand their audience.


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The Just Gospel Conference is sponsored by “The Front Porch”.  View more videos of the sessions from the conference here

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