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Jackie Hill Perry Announces New “Crescendo” Project!

Jackie Hill Perry just announced that her new album, Crescendo releases on May 11th!  We may not have heard much music from Jackie in a while, but that doesn’t mean that she has slowed down.  We have all seen her touring with her husband Preston Perry and the poet of the Poets In Autumn Tour.  But, during her time away from music, she has also been raising a family (she’ll be welcoming daughter number two soon), continuing to grow in her marriage, cooking (follow her recipes on instagram), working on a book and continuing to preach and teach as the invitations continue to come in.

In the process of all of that living, Jackie has been dropping hints for a while that new music was on the way.  Today the official announcement and track listing of the coming album is here!

Crescendo seems to be birthed out of a lot of the living she has been doing in the last few years and all that has come with it.  In the Behind the Scenes video talking about her album, Jackie hints to the fact that life hasn’t been perfect or without struggle or growth.  But, it’s all apart of her story leading up to where she is now.  “The general concept of the album,” says Jackie, “…is to communicate that as we grow in faith towards God, our fruit should get louder.”

Watch Behind The Scenes of The New Album

In the Behind The Scenes video above, Jackie talks about the process of the album and gives the following statement about what message she wants people to take away from the new project:

“I want people to walk away from Crescendo saying, Is my fruit getting louder?  If it’s not, really the truth behind it all is I’m not looking up enough.  I’m not seeking enough. I’m not zealous enough.  And that’s not to condemn or to make people feel pressure per se.  But, it is to stir up zeal and say that it’s the same as the “Art of Joy” [album] where there is satisfaction to be found in Christ.  So even in your being more zealous, you will become more joyful.  You might have more suffering.  You might have more things to die to, but you’ll have more satisfaction because you’ll have more of the Lord.  That’s what I want people to walk away from.  It’s no different than the “Art of Joy”.  I want people to find satisfaction in Jesus Christ…in another way.”

Crescendo is due on May 11th.  Until then, pre-order it today receive her latest single, “Fall Away” free!  Scroll below to hear the single.

Stream Jackie’s Latest Single

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