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Jackie The Educator and Skrip on “Higher Learning” Podcast

Jackie The Educator recently had hip-hop artist Skrip on her “Higher Learning” podcast for some honest conversations on a few hot topics.

Though the interview was mostly light hearted, Jackie had Skrip do an impromptu freestyle before going to a song, the two had a lengthy discussion on some serious topics as well.

The most intriguing topic of discussion was surrounding the issue of secular artists doing “gospel” music. Jackie asked Skrip for his thoughts on Snoop Dogg performing at this year’s Stellar Awards. The World Renegade Church leader had a unique perspective on the topic, “I have to go back to the word of the God,” he says, summarizing Phillipians 1:18, “whether their motives are false or genuine, the message about Christ is being preached, either way so I rejoice and I will continue to rejoice.”

Social media came up, and how Christians can effectively use the tools at their fingertips to better minister to the world.  “We should be willing to use anything we have for the glory of God…. we would be foolish to not use the tools we have today,” said Skrip. But in his opinion, there’s a fine line between transparency and venting, “heart and motive makes the difference,” he said.

We learn that Skrip’s started rapping when he was five- years old and what’s kept him going all this time is trying to remain faithful to what God has given him.

The conversation between Jackie and Skrip was heartfelt and refreshing and is definitely worth listening to. You can listen to the full interview below to find out whether or not Skrip thinks Jesus would have a Twitter account if he were alive in today’s world.

Jackie is the Director of Diversity at NorthPark University.  She is a licensed Educator and Counselor who will be touching on hard topics each week including race, theology, culture and much more!  Jackie is not one to shy away from controversy.  She’s all about educating the masses and encouraging them all to go higher and deeper in what they know while seeking for more.  In this show, you can expect to hear a different side from some of the artists you love most, and learn about everyday people and business owners who are going above and beyond to educate and pour into others within their communities and industries.

Learn more about Jackie here.

Catch more from Jackie The Educator on right here ArtSoul Radio every Wednesday at 7 p.m. CST and again Sundays at 3 p.m. CST!

Listen to Episode Two feat. Skrip Here

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