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Jamaica West Signs to SlingShot Media LLC and Announces EP

Poet and author Jamaica West announced her signing to SlingShot Media LLC and an upcoming EP over the weekend. ‘

In a creative renaissance where young people are thriving in multi-disciplinary avenues, West is bringing music to the forefront of her career.

She made the announcement during the Called Conference in Columbus where she was a speaker. From start to end,  West posted live from the conference on ArtSoulRadio’s Instagram stories. She shared from behind the scenes fellow speakers and quick notes from a session.

West is known for her spoken word and poetry performances at events and conferences. Those include “Single Forever,” “I’m So Black Christian,” with Joseph Solomon and “20 Years,” to name a few. In 2015, she performed “Black Girl Cinema” at Rhetoric. In March, she released a book of poems titled “coffee black,” now available on Amazon.

See her recent performance of “Bars & Battles” spoke word at Elevation Church below.

Stay tuned for more details on Jamaica West’s upcoming EP.

You find  her on Twitter and Instagram @jamaicawest312

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